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How it all started?

Highfrequenctea is a small family own company the was started by Shaneequewa Samuels and her mother Shirley Samuels. Shirley was born and raised in Hanover, Jamaica where she learned about natural healing for the body as opposed to normal healing through synthetic chemicals. Herbs were and are a natural part of the diet in a Samuels household and was even and integral part of healing for Shirleys oldest daughter Samantha who once suffered from seizures at the young age of 9 years old. Samantha was treated by Shirley and a holistic healer in Jamaica by the name of Bongohue, a true herbalist and healer that lived a simple life in the mountains.

Shaneequewa took on a life of healing when she became sick at the age of 25 with a chronic auto-immune disease. Her lifestyle prior to this age was filled with fast food and lack of exercise. Once the over accumulation of toxins reached its capacity she began to suffer from headaches, temporary blindness, abdominal cramping, severe joint pain and chronic inflammation. After spending a year in and out the hospital she decided to go Raw vegan/ plant based for a year along with the consumption of herbs daily, and “voila” all her symptoms reversed.

Shaneequewa decided to author her own book titled “We Are Not The Same” to assist others who are suffering, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

“Everything on this planet are made of atoms which product, emit and receive energy that operates at a certain frequency. Dis-ease cannot live in a body resonating a frequency of 62-72Mhz”

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