Holistic Health Telephone Consultation By Empress Winnie

Our Holistic Health Phone Consultations are aimed to develop a Holistic Health Plan tailored to your unique constitution and addressing any imbalances you may be experiencing. Our Holistic Elder, Empress Winnie, will analyze your individual life force, capacity for transformation, and immunity according to the dominant presence of the five elements in your cells (air, space, fire, water, and earth). The consultation involves an extensive review of medical history, lifestyle, nutrition, as well as your wellness goals, expectations, and level of commitment. I work with my clients to identify imbalances within the body, mind, and spirit. Based on the specific evaluation, I recommend changes to help alleviate longstanding problems and help my clients meet or exceed their goals. Your present health condition, age, and environment are also taken into consideration. *All consultations are done via telephone unless noted otherwise*

Holistic Consultation Plan(Telephonic)

The plan will be a unique and specific lifestyle and diet plan for you to encourage the prevention of disease, healing of ailments, and maintenance of good health. We will suggest the ideal foods, herbs, yoga practice , breathing exercises, specific types of meditation, and sleep patterns that will most benefit your Constitution. This will help you correct any current imbalances in order to restore you to your ideal state of wellness. *All consults are only done via telephone unless arranged otherwise*

$99.99 For 45 Minutes