A Haitian Treasure: Castor Oil (L'huile Mascreti)

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A Haitian Treasure: Castor Oil (L'huile Mascreti)

A Haitian Treasure: Castor Oil (L'huile Mascreti)


A Haitian Treasure: Castor Oil (L'huile Mascreti)


The Ancient Healer

You may be familiar with your grandmother recommending castor oil for constipation. However, the unique, healing benefits of castor oil reach into far more categories. Over the centuries, castor oil received such a sterling reputation because of its rapid healing benefits in so many different types of disorders.

Using castor oil topically has had a high degree of success in breaking up lumps, bumps, tumors, congestion, and adhesions. It work’s by drawing blood circulation and enhanced biological energy to the area where it is applied, then drawing lodged toxins out of the body. As an unsaturated fatty acid, ricinoleic acid found in castor oil has many healing abilities, including/ eliminating:

•Lumps in the breast: Castor oil compress

•Constipation: Castor oil compress

•supporting the lymphatic system

•increasing circulation

•Fibroids in the uterus: Castor oil compress

•Cyst in the ovaries: Castor oil compress

•prevents the growth of viruses, bacteria, yeasts and molds

•removes excess fluids, proteins and waste materials from our cells.

•Eliminates toenail fungus

•easing constipation

•Diarrhea: Castor oil compress

•Gallstones: Castor oil compress: apply the compress on the liver area

•reducing painful sunburns and more

Authentic Haitian Origin: Sourced from Haiti, our black castor oil is produced using age-old techniques, including the unique roasting process that gives it a rich, dark color and distinct aroma

100% Pure and Cold-Pressed: Our castor oil is free from additives and hexane, ensuring purity and retaining all the natural benefits of the castor seeds.

SIZE: 8oz

Ex: Castor oil compress on the abdomen: Pour Castor oil on a cloth (Castor compress), wait ½ an hour for it to soak in, and then wrap it around the abdomen. It will penetrate and break up fibroids in the uterus, break up cyst in the ovaries. Wear for 5 hours a day for 5 days or longer. The compress and be reused. It softens the colon for those with constipation. Castor oil also penetrates the colon and remedies diarrhea.

SKIN BENEFITS: Heals Inflamed Skin, Fights Signs Of Aging, Reduces Acne,  Moisturizes Skin, Fades Blemishes, Prevents Stretch Marks, and Reduces Pigmentation  

HAIR BENEFITS: Promotes Hair Growth Treats Scalp Infections Prevents Premature Graying Conditions

How to Apply:
1. Fold the cotton-linen or wool into three or use three separate pieces.
2. Soak a bit of this into the oil, but do not let it drip.
3. Lie down, facing up, and support your knees with a pillow.
4. Place the soaked linen or wool over the affected area (may cover it with a plastic wrap- not necessary)
5. Place the heating pad or hot water bottle on top of the plastic wrap. You may want to prevent heat loss by covering the pad with the towel.
6. You need to remain in this position from about 45minutes to 1 hour. This could be an
excellent time to read “The Creep” by Shaneequewa Samuels. 
7. You can now take off the pack and massage the area with the left over oil. Next, wash the oil off your skin with soap and water. 
NB: you should do these more for a consecutive number of weeks and evaluate your result over time.

Safety Precautions

Do not apply a Castor oil pack on broken skin, during menses and after ovulation if you are trying to conceive. If you are suffering from any serious or chronic condition, consult a natural health practitioner before applying Castor oil. Do not use a castor oil pack if you are breastfeeding, pregnant or suspect to be pregnant. It is best to avoid Castor oil treatments.

A diet void of animal products, processed foods, fried foods and unnatural sugars will allow for strong recovery from dis-ease.


This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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