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The Orgone Zapper machine is an electronic cleanse that focuses on destroying worms, bacteria, parasites, and viruses by strengthening your bio-energetic field. This zapper comes with electrodes made from .9999 fine silver. This may have the added benefit of inducing traces of colloidal silver via the skin. (Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal remedy; this has been known for millennia. Its medicinal uses are traceable back to Ancient Egypt.) For more info on electrical cleanses and resonance, please refer to The CREEP book.

The zapper charges the body with electrons (negative charge), and parasitic organisms do not like this negative ionization, which is essentially an alkaline environment. They simply shrivel up and die. We use a low frequency of 15Hz which has shown to have deep penetration through the skin and be highly effective at eliminating worms, parasite, bacteria, and viruses. It’s simple to use and only requires 30 minutes of “zapping” per day. Some people have to build up to 30 minutes because they can feel the zapping but a majority of people feel nothing.  

Nonetheless, proponents of zapper machines believe that these devices can potentially target cancer cells by harnessing resonance while minimizing harm to healthy cells selectively. Unlike any other conventional cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiation, which can have significant side effects due to their non-specific nature, this technology offers the possibility of a more targeted approach.

Where to zap

You can zap any part of your body and it will still affect the whole body positively. You can however get good results if you zap the affected body part directly (topically) - for example in cases of Arthritis of the joints, or insect bites.

The elastic straps make it easy to wear the Zapper on your arm or leg, even while doing other things like office work or light physical work.

Please note: The pure silver does easily oxidise on skin contact, especially with the effect of electrical current. This can cause black spots to appear on your skin. They are not easily removed with soap but dissapear on their own after a few days. (silver salts) They are not harmful, but you may not like them for esthetic reasons.

My favourite spot for zapping is in the arch under the foot. I keep it there overnight whenever I feel a flu or other infection trying to overwhelm me. It works wonders for me because two good things come together here - the blood vessels are close under the skin while the skin is relatively hard and not easy to be irritated. Also, the foot reflex zones get stimulated by the trickle current and the orgone field.

Remember, zapping does not kill your cells. 

Frequency: 15 Hz pulsed DC
Battery: 9V PP3
Electrodes: Fine silver .9999
Removable Velcro Strap
2.5 mm micro socket for external devices
Neodymium Magnet 10.3 x 3 mm
Mobius coil, protected by boundary wire
Orgonite block
Amethyst crystal coiled into "tail" lead wire
Garnet crystal coiled into "head" lead wire
LED to show on/off status

The company we have connected with in South Africa has tested all zappers to verify its safety/effectiveness and has been in business since 2002!

This device is not claimed to cure any illness or disease.

Potential health benefits have not been evaluated by national medical licensing bodies  


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